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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

The GOGO Magazine has become an amazing platform for the youth to get an idea of what difference they can bring despite facing challenges in a conventional society. I came to know about this magazine through a friend’s Instagram story. I being a habitual writer shared my views with these people and they being so generous took my short story in front of their audience.

 I could see my story being read and appreciated which always boosted me up to write more and more. This has been a very great experience to work with the team of the GOGO Magazine. Since the past two years, they have featured so many youngsters who outcast different genres in various fields such as music, photography, blogging, writing and much more.

Their work deserves every kind of appreciation and I hope to see the GOGO Magazine as one of the biggest youths centred platforms in India and across the globe.


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About The Author

Karvi Gupta

A textile engineer on weekdays whom you can find painting or sketching on weekends. And one who writes anything that comes to her mind. Romancing through poems or terrifying through dark tales or just a philosophy she can simply write about anything, anyone.

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