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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

Almost a year back, I started writing for GOGO magazine. I’ve always loved to pen down my thoughts and feelings, always been fascinated with how writers, with their ability to bring the right words together, have the ability to paint a beautiful picture. As every picture holds a story behind it, some you can relate to while others teach you, and show you other perspectives on life, not just life, but it can be anything. GOGO magazine has created a wonderful platform for people to express themselves, whether it be through photographs or write-ups.

As for me, my writing journey began back in college, when I needed to vent my emotions, mostly during hardships. I would write my feelings and thoughts down, through writing, I learned to embrace the hardships. I learned that life is beautiful because there are the good days and then there are the bad days. When I would look back to what I’ve written down and when I processed it all, I grew into a better version of myself. A better version doesn’t necessarily mean, I was mentally and physically stronger, on the contrary, it taught me to live in the moment, embrace the present and go through it all because it’ll help me grow as an individual.

Well that’s how my journey began and after a while, I started sharing my works and suddenly during the pandemic, I found myself writing for a wonderful online magazine, which has given me the opportunity to share my works with a wider audience and also a place for me to go and experience the journeys and stories that so many people from around the globe continue to share. A platform where you can experience a new city or country without physically being there, a platform where you can access a vast number of topics, more importantly, it’s a platform where complete strangers can feel like friends.

I’ve had an amazing experience writing for GOGO magazine and as I continue to journey through this beautiful gift called life, I hope to share more of my stories and connect with you all. Thank you for being a virtual home, to people like me, who love to share their stories and journeys.


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About The Author

Aaron Sharma

Hi! I’m Aaron, I’m from Imphal a valley in Manipur, a state in the northeastern part of India. I write because writing is like putting a puzzle together. There’s something about it that excites me, bringing words together, fitting the right pieces together to build a beautiful picture, that in itself is a journey, a journey I hope to share with all of you.

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