VIRALI MODI – India’s 1st Wheelchair Using Model

Her broad smile lights up the stage, Where she dances without legs, Not a story but a fact of one’s life’s page. People say this world is pitiful. But she says it is beautiful, On her world frowns But she takes it and smiles at the crown, Her hands are now legs. Her body whirls, curves and shakes, With living

Deepika Kochhar Deepika Kochhar

TULA JOURNEY – The fine art of journaling

"Accept that in this life.Blood and sinew define me.And yet my mind can fly,Doesn’t come easily. To find the pivot point,The sweet spot where form and fancy,Co-exist in perfect balance,Eludes me most of the time. To lose myself in the dreck of daily life dulls my spirit;To reject the limitations of my reality,It leaves me stranded in the in-between spaces,Where

Deepika Kochhar Deepika Kochhar

HARSHVARDHAN JOSHI – Mt. Everest Expedition Leader

Climbing the Mountains,I fought extremely hard to get where I am.I cannot explain the intensity and height of the mountains I have climbed,I was often told I would never succeed,I exceeded expectations & now I am pleased,I used to have zero self-belief,I was once innocent and naive.I could have hidden in my own little world,Instead, I strived for greatness,I was

Deepika Kochhar Deepika Kochhar
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Apple iPhone 14 Launched: Dynamic Island Notch

A magical new way to interact with iPhone. A vital safety feature designed to save lives. An innovative 48MP camera for mind-blowing detail. All powered by the ultimate smartphone chip.

Akshay Chauhan Akshay Chauhan

LEBANON – @nadysokhn

"Collect moments, not things."" The Republic of Lebanon is a little country inside the Middle East district with its capital being Beirut. It has a long shoreline on the eastern

Shivam Thakur Shivam Thakur

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