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CONJUGATE – CHAPTER 1: Double Trouble!

CONJUGATE – CHAPTER 1: Double Trouble!

“Hey Ryan, how are you? The doctor is free today. Both of you can come today for a checkup. Please reach before lunch”. Voice message ends.

“Honey! We are going for a check-up. Get ready”, Ryan calls Cinthia, his pregnant wife. Ryan and Cinthia were excited for their first child. But Cinthia felt a lot more weight than other pregnant ladies with her at the meditation center, even though when she was 7 months pregnant. This made them nervous, so they thought of consultation.

“Cinthia, you’re so lucky. You’re gifted with twins”, said the doctor. That statement was enough to drive her crazy with happiness. She got out of the room and told Ryan, “You’re going to be the Dad of not one but two kids. Oh, I am so happy Ryan!” Ryan hugged Cinthia and called his mother secondly.

Then they drove back after greeting doctor.

Two months later,

“Cinthia has tried hard, but this won’t work Ryan. You should opt for cesarean”, the doctor asked him to make an urgent decision as Cinthia was not able to deliver normally. Since these were two kids it became worse.

 “Fine doctor! Just try to save all of them please”, Ryan got emotional.

Doctor began the process. But it seemed abnormal. When they checked, the babies were conjoined together from their arms.

She took a deep breath and took them out.

 “Hey Cinthia! You got twin girls”. The doctor courageously told her.

Ryan was tense and nervous. The doctor told him about the conjoined twins. He was tense but happy as well. He wanted to hug them and he almost ignored when the doctor told him that they can separate the kids if he is ready. But only one will survive!

He gets in and starts murmuring.

“What a miserable situation. Cinthia, what should we do? We can’t just choose one. We don’t even know who’s gonna survive”, Ryan holds her hand and she gets up.

Her eyes were in all tears when she saw her little girls. She started crying and held his hand more firmly. Cinthia wanted to say something but perhaps her heart was not allowing her to speak at that moment.

She made a decision which was not bad either as a human. But as a mother she could sense their pain and grief.

Ryan called the doctor and told her their decision.

The doctor sat down next to her and shared her feelings with them.

“I know it’s hard, but you’re going to be the best parents. Aren’t you?” Both nodded in a Yes!

“Then just stop crying and get ready for this beautiful journey”. She got up and left the room.

Both of them looked at their babies, stopped sobbing and got up, being ready for the journey.

To be continued…..

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A textile engineer on weekdays whom you can find painting or sketching on weekends. And one who writes anything that comes to her mind. Romancing through poems or terrifying through dark tales or just a philosophy she can simply write about anything, anyone.

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