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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

I have always thought of people as stories walking on two legs. My love for writing was recognized by a dear friend, Nishant, the COO of GOGO Magazine who roped me into it. Through good times and bad, between all my writer blocks and hours of crazy writing, GOGO has been a rock in my making. In the beginning, I found my own voice. The space that GOGO creates in the art and travel world is a symbol of the metamorphosis that the world is facing.

Taking the digital world by storm, GOGO puts a chair for everybody and then some. I have read and heard stories of not only the current but also of the margins and all on one stage. It gives me immense mirth to celebrate the two years of this platform which boasts of inclusivity and celebrates imagination. I wish all the warmth to not only the team but also our readers who add to our stories, something special with each reading.


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