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Mountains ~ The bluebird

Mountains ~ The bluebird

Mountains represent the perfect version of the home which I never thought could exist. The range of mountains stands for the very range of our emotions from being still, silent, melancholic to the genuine touch of happiness that heals us. But, it holds a special place in my heart as it gives me the strength to feel the pain and the happiness all over again.

There’s always a moment when am awestruck with the majestic beauty and I let out a sigh to just know the fact that this place has chosen me. Being from mountains is a blessing in all its ways possible. It brings a sense of belonging just like going back to your good old friends. The cold that trickles down your nerves and still makes you fall in love with it is what this heavenly place gives us in all its glory and radiance.

They say that too much of everything is wrong but exploring the mountains brings one closer to the soul and heals you in a way nothing can. If you are someone who has committed a sin then the judge being the mountains provides the sinner with the sweetest pain, loneliness, that can turn a sober human into a savage being. It can scare you and unleash the inner demon that posses you to do the deed you resist the most.

But, the dead silence and the greatness of the mountains has a deep secret hidden within~ the secret passion to stand strong no matter what comes of happens. Consistency and willpower are what one can learn from the peace that the mountains provide. As if the bluebird is hidden in the dense forest, just like the pure passion that stays within our hearts because we are too tough to let it free. Or maybe, too scared? We always know but somehow, it takes a lifetime to let the bluebird out in the open spreading its wings and flying as far as the sky goes. I hope we all get the strength as the mountains to let it out yet stay as constant as possible.

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