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Ufff this is a topic I am most scared to even think about it. When I was little I thought that this is just an imaginary thing. It happens with others but am untouched by this suffering as they say. The day, the moment it hit me I felt shattered, disowned by my own conscience. The hands with which I write this still shiver and even stop to not retell this tale of immense misery.

Words fall short, tears drop to make an ocean. The breath fastens and stops suddenly just like his love did for me. All the feelings ended with a single blow of words. I tried. Try and fail but do not fail to try is what drove me to my fall. They say that you fall in love but guess what you fall in all the things that come along with it. The first love kills you and you never get it.

But somehow after years when this topic arises, this leaves you with a smile and tear. Don’t fall in love, if you do .. be in denial. It’s the best state than love. Excepting your emotions will somehow kill you and you won’t ever return from that grave where millions of us lie.

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Rijul Singh

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she’s to write fiction~ Virginia Woolf. | English Literature Student |

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