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January 1, 2020 denoted the start of a fresh out of the box new decade that many took a gander at with positive thinking and as a possibility at a renewed purpose for carrying on with life. Yet, as the year moves toward its midpoint, many are thinking about whether this year can deteriorate, following a string of rapidly spreading fires, plane accidents in Iran and Pakistan, the demise of b-ball legend Kobe Bryant, social agitation over the slaughtering of George Floyd, and different catastrophic events – all under the haze of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

1. The Dark Summer

The 2019–2020 Australian bushfire season, known as the dark summer, started with a few genuine and uncontrolled flames in June 2019, chiefly in the southeast of the nation. The flames, which crested during December and January, have since been contained and quenched.

The greater part of the sum total of what Australians have been legitimately influenced by the bushfire emergency, including millions whose wellbeing has been influenced. As of March 9, the flames, uncommon for Australia as far as term and power, consumed an expected 18.6 million hectares, demolished more than 5,900 structures, and executed in any event 34 individuals. In any case, smoke contamination that covered the nation’s southeast during the bushfire may have murdered in excess of 400 individuals, as per the gauge distributed in the Medical Journal of Australia.

2. The death of Kobe Bryant

On January 26, Kobe Bryant, one of the NBA’s untouched most noteworthy players, was killed at age 41 in a helicopter crash close to Los Angeles alongside his 13-year-old little girl and seven others.

Bryant and individual travelers were accounted for by neighborhood media to have been en route to a games institute in the close by city of Thousand Oaks, California, where he was to have trained his little girl’s ball group in an youth tournament.

3. The Coronavirus pandemic

The flare-up of coronavirus, or COVID-19, is one 2020 cataclysm that has caused critical human misery and major worldwide financial interruption.

The flare-up was first distinguished in Wuhan, a city in China’s Hubei territory, in December 2019, and was perceived as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11.

For the second day straight, the World Health association announced a record spike in worldwide covid-19 cases, with 259,848 new cases over the most recent 24 hours. The majority of the new cases were accounted for from the US, India, Brazil and South Africa.

The fatalities rose by 7,360, the greatest single-day spike in passings since 10 May. About 600,000 individuals have kicked the bucket from the infection till now. Passings have been ascending on a normal of 4,800 per day in the long stretch of July. As of Sunday, more than 14.3 million coronavirus contaminations have been recorded around the world.

4. The season of death over Bollywood

Posing a threat to the world population was not enough for 2020, it somehow managed to put an eclipse on the Bollywood as well. Taking the lives of great Indian actors who were loved unconditionally for their talents, hard work and acting, 2020 became one of the darkest years in the history of Bollywood cinema. It all started with the death of legendary Irrfan Khan because of a rare disease that he was diagnosed in 2018. After Irrfan, Rishi Kapoor passed away the very next day due to cancer. Just when the fans were starting to accept that these gems were no longer with us, music composer Wajid Khan passed away due to cardiac arrest. It is also alleged that he was suffering from Coronavirus after a kidney transplant. Everyone thought it couldn’t get worse any more but the hardest hit was yet remaining. It came on June 14 with the news of the demise of young and talented Sushant Singh Rajput after he committed suicide due to depression. His death marked a debate of the injustice in the industry due to nepotism.

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5. The rising protests for Black Lives Matter movement

Monstrous fights cleared the US in late May and early June following the slaughtering of George Floyd in Minnesota, parting supposition in an as of now profoundly captivated nation.

While numerous in both the US and abroad praised the fights as principally serene and considered them to be an open door for much-required police change, pundits have highlighted savagery between the police and nonconformists, just as some plundering, as proof that peace had been lost. While Democrats took the knee in a motion of solidarity with dissenters, US President Donald Trump railed against left-wing bunch Antifa and others and apparently needed to send in 10,000 US troops to clear the lanes.

In mid-June, dissidents went under a progression of assaults, including a man who drove his vehicle into a group in Seattle. Read more about Black lives matter and racism

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