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It takes a lot of courage to INK

It takes a lot of courage to INK

The journey of every author is the yield of an uprising emotion in someone’s moment. 
If you agree,
Let me take you through the experience before an author Ink.

“As we all know that in precise, the root of every Human is Emotion over the moment. It is the formidable weapon in which any kind of situation becomes a slave. 


As per Psychology, 27 distinct categories of emotions exist where 1 actual emotion can be captured just for 90 sec. This means within 90 sec the existing emotion of an author has to be projected onto the paper before it gets faded or mixed with another emotion. 

So an author must be able to hold a single emotion fighting with multiple emotions confronting the communication between Heart and brain where an ARMY OF VOICES GET LOUDER AS THE PEN GETS CLOSER. 


The versatile emotions get jammed trying to embed in one line to project and still, the author’s holding emotion is stuck with a jammed loop. 

Do you know how the mafia of emotions sounds? 

To know, watch out the illustration “An internal scar is trying to convey the threat, insecurity mafia is hitting the corner to release, uncertainty leading with chaotic disconcert, a pleasure dominating the circumstances, affection stealing out the expectations, an empty fuel craving to reach out the illusions including many undefined whispers crawling with a soundless roar altogether confining the exact coherence” of the author to convey. 


Pen with a bunch of magnetic power clenched the author waiting for the ink to spill. There comes the courage with a catalog building the route of the track to be ejected. Borrowing some help from nature, it is trying to accomplish the relationship between the focused emotion and swirly pen. There a bliss with ignition strikes the author smoothly where the pen is drifting far enclosing the emotion before crossing 90 seconds, the first word with an immense trust given to the paper got INKED by multiplying the courage.”

“It may take a lot of courage to Ink, but it takes a lot of pride when emotion reflects further”

Kudos to all the stars who spill the ink to inspire the world!

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