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Misconceptions about love

Misconceptions about love

Ouch! I just picked such a mixed emotion “LOVE”, I know for every individual it’s something different. I mean the essence would be the same but we all have our definitions about love. For some of you this word “love” gives you chills and for some you just hate it ( isn’t it? people with bad experiences ) or you just don’t believe in it. Either way it is part of our life, if not yet eventually it will.

I know you can’t define love, it’s so unpredictable and the best thing about it that you never know for whom you will fall. But still, we all try to give it some definition because why not. But the worst thing about that sometimes we create some misconceptions about it. And because we live in this high-tech world now where we have ultimate access to everything that now we start taking even the love some kinda toy or just a task. We watch some romantic movies or read some romantic novels or quotes and we start building an image of the true love which I’m not saying it’s not good but maybe for you, it would be something different who knows?

But the worst part isn’t this, the worst part is that people now take love for granted because now we are so in this FOMO that we start prioritizing other things more. And don’t take me wrong, other things could be important but you can’t treat the love like it’s not valuable. I’m not saying make it your no. 1 priority because love isn’t something to give a number, it should have a different part in your heart. You just can’t label your love for someone.

And the second-worst part is quitting in love when the situation gets tough. Its true people think love is so easy to find that when they start having some tough situation to deal they just quit. You just can’t love someone on their Sundays and leave them on their Mondays i.e. it isn’t full of rainbows and happy time and happy captions, it’s about holding each other when the world is falling apart too. But another misconception “that we will find another one”. But what about then, the same thing could happen and again you will eventually leave that love too and then? Hard times will always be there, you can’t run from it.

I hope these misconceptions won’t take the love of your life. Because it is a rare thing, it’s not easy to find. We don’t click with every other person we met. We click with certain people only and that would be stupid to let go of your true love because of some stupid misconceptions about it.

A year ago I wrote some lines, I hope you will like it;

 “ To the man,

I would dare to fall in love again.

I don’t want you to be perfect, not even close to perfect.

I want your imperfections and flaws, your sorrows and dooms, your struggles and pain. Because in glory days, surely you would have everyone around but I want to be your support of never-ending pains.

Because love is more like encouraging rather than cherishing. It’s like holding rather than leaving. It’s more like feeling things rather than just enjoying things. It’s more like being a family rather than just be a part of some chemistry.

I want to be there when you fall, so I can sit with you and motivate you to go up again. I want to be your lyrics in the world full of music. I want to be your sunflower rather than those red flowers. I want to be your meaning rather than “just saying”. I want to be your laugh after when you stop crying. I want to be your charm instead of those kiss marks. I want to be your pride and your crown because hon! I want to connect with your soul instead of those atom bonds.”

Ps: I hope you will get forever kinda love.





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About The Author

Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan


  1. Vikrant

    Too Deep thinking… “You just can’t love someone on their Sundays and leave them on their Mondays”. keep it up.

    • Aanchal Sharma

      Thankyou so much ❤️

  2. Sunny

    I really liked the poem written in the end from your past writings. God bless.

    • Aanchal Sharma

      Thankyou. I’m glad you liked it.


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