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Religion: imperative or superfluous?

Religion: imperative or superfluous?

Back to the time when man only felt hunger and did things to fill his stomach, was there any religion? No!
A little later when the oldest civilization was seen, where all the necessities of a man were fulfilled, he took another step towards art as there were people who grew food for him in the fields.

In this very civilization came the idea of religion, where people worshipped mother nature.
Was that worship out of love or fear of destruction?

The nature they worshipped was later idolized and much later, in the very name of religion atrocities started on the so-called lower section of the society just to show their supremacy over them and to use them as laborers.

Much later we see many other ideas turning into beliefs, beliefs to values followed by a large section of society, thus forming a new one.
Every religion started saying the same thing

“God is one”, “Everyone is equal in the eyes of God” and whatnot. Later just to get a high status in the society, religious leaders misused and manipulated what was written in the holy books in the name of religion.

Through their words they led the masses to fight against each other, only to establish the supremacy of their religion over the other.
We see the very same thing till today.
Do we need religion?
Does it teach us to slit throats of people belonging to other religions?
Do we need communal riots?
For how long we will be misled by the religious leaders and why?
Following a particular religion is good, it’s entirely up to you but having a rational thought is very necessary to prevent the people from those religious preachers who mislead people to violence.

“इंसानियत आती है इंसान से
फ़िर आती है गीता या क़ुरान से!”





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