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We’re the State, We’re the Nation, We’re the Younger Generation

We’re the State, We’re the Nation, We’re the Younger Generation

So, here is the truth.
We’re all mortals
We’re all doomed
Made up of pixie dust
Bound to oblivion.
Let’s just remove these facades drenched in greed & lust.
Come, let’s fall in love.
In love, with the little things,
In love with what & who we are, imperfectly-flawed beings.
Come, let’s learn to respect.
Each individual, every sect.
Let’s rise above terrorism & racism
Come, let’s preach secularism, humanism.
Let’s try not to forget that we are no masters & we owe-own nothing to rule.
Come let’s tell our people how body shaming & bullying ain’t cool.
Let’s live in harmony, with these birds, these insects & even the tiniest creature.
Let’s acknowledge the fact that the strongest, the most powerful is none other but mother nature.
Let’s make this world a better place to live.
We have so much love, so much warmth inside us to give.
Let’s detoxicate ourselves from hatred & this false sense of superiority.
Come, let’s inculcate in ourselves the feeling of equality & empathy.




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Rhea Sen

19 / vintage soul, retro vibe, 21st century's tribe / - a socially awkward girl with a real goofy smile.

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