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Beyond the sufferings

Beyond the sufferings

There’ll be times like today,
When everything seems so darn grey.
Feelings will overwhelm you,
Like a storm, they’ll flood you,
Flood you with emotions that will slowly brew.

After everything you’ve been through,
The emotions will brew into a wildfire,
And you’ll fly higher.
This wildfire will ignite your soul,
A flame that’ll shine the brightest and behold,
All your sorrows, they’ll fold.

You’ll understand why things happen,
The ups and downs, it’s all a pattern.
You just got to make sense of it all,
One step at a time, just don’t take a halt.

And through everything,
Just know from within,
That I will always stand by you,
And we shall pull through.
Like the sun I’ll feed you with light,
A light that represents a love so bright.

Smile and rejoice,
Because your smile is a blessing to us all.

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About The Author

Aaron Sharma

Hi! I’m Aaron, I’m from Imphal a valley in Manipur, a state in the northeastern part of India. I write because writing is like putting a puzzle together. There’s something about it that excites me, bringing words together, fitting the right pieces together to build a beautiful picture, that in itself is a journey, a journey I hope to share with all of you.

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