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A Disabled dream

A Disabled dream

Narrating this story, I am trying to use terms in a broader perspective to include all the families who have been through similar situations and have faced the stigma that the Indian society has about disability.

Even the happiest day for me of becoming an elder sister to my ” little brother” did not seem so happy as my surroundings did not reflect it the same way. The usual good wishes on someone’s birth were nowhere heard. As if, it had all been deliberately made sad.

According to Wikipedia, disability is an impairment affecting a person’s life’s activities. But believe me, it’s not just the person alone. Having gone through the real definition of disability, I just wish if people here were more aware of the “Invisibles” because it is very easy to see what appears in front of the eyes and the rest is always just a story.

The disability paradox in our society is huge. Since childhood, I have seen many kids reacting very differently to our situation. The way they perceived it made me question the unfortunate aesthetically beautified minds of the people who were raising them.

People have always shown sympathy and have said things which have never helped us in any way but have rather made our feeling of isolation more overwhelming. For them, disability is and has always been just an avatar of psychological disturbance. Well, our situation exists not because a wheelchair is used but because a broader environment is never accessible.

It’s not a choice to be born with a certain “condition”. People think of rather being dead than being disabled. Well, that is a common reflection and hence impacts the families of “special people” as they fight the problem as well as the society both.

As time passed, I grew mentally and from deep within, I became calm and more patient and started connecting myself to the imperfections and the emotions that were inexplicable.

It is not the disability that weakens us but the unwanted sympathies that make us weak. The walking legs make us realize that we have lost while the wheelchair pushes us to be strong and keep moving. The eyes of the world drag us down while those blind eyes lead us to a whole new unseen world where we connect to emotions that are unseen, unheard, or spoken. While the “able” make us weak, the disabled hold us strong.


Is your inability, to see our ability, your disability?

There is always a bigger meaning to life that we all keep searching and after years of search, we realize that we are looking for things different from what we actually want to find and that the search has always been to find out who we already are.

For once,

just crawl upon your knees to know the joy of suffering.




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Charu Gupta

A professional with over 6 years of intermittent employment experience in IT. With a strong inclination towards learning the interaction of products and spaces with human beings, shifted my career path in design research to learn the skills that would help me tothink inside the closed dimensions to be able to innovate outside them. Currently pursuing my passion for skill development and education through government funded projects. A passionate writer, content designer and traveller who loves to explore new places and meet new people.

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