The journey to self-discovery starts when we find out the game we are part of and try to learn the rules to play it. The process keeps evolving as we grow. A thousand layers that we have around us shed one by one and with each falling cover, we are amazed to discover a new side to ourselves. The world has evolved and the theory of “Be yourself” is a trending slogan. But the quest to justify this consumes most of our lives and our wish to follow our heart is often denied by us.

Humans followed the path of the universe and laid out stencils for generations to trace them. Since it was necessary for the next generations to adopt the pre-made molds, religions came into existence. Keeping aside the knowledge and enlightenment that had to be imparted, we “have been” and “are” aware of the thousand “other unnecessary things” announced in the name of it.

Right from birth, we have been directed to the right and the wrong without being explained about the antithesis and the synthesis of it. And this is where we lose ourselves and the conditioned layouts domicile inside us. Since we are not aware of the logic, we fail to comprehend the differences between the universal and the set patterns. Our beliefs are bread in the same charge and we are barricaded from following our hearts and are stopped from being what we are.

Not just our behavior; what we wear and how we carry it also defines us. Our changing attitude, clothes, and style bring out a new side of us which was left unexplored.

” Be Yourself “is not just a statement, it is our signature style that we always wear without pretending to be anyone else”.

It is who we really are when we let go of the shadows overpowering us. Everything else that we claim to be when we shout out loud, “This is who I am “is just a story.

Follow your peace and align yourself with the game you belong to. Do not let the conditional thinking patterns and the unconscious beliefs probably handed down to you define who you are or could be. BE YOU, BE FREE.




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