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Life and its Paradoxes

Life and its Paradoxes

Our whole life is a Paradox and these Paradoxes are the bitter truth. We want to become the person we repel in our life. We desperately want to do the things which we cannot do and we serve ourselves with the delusional, deleterious lies that we do not want to do this.
All of a sudden, our self-esteem rises and we pacify ourselves by saying that we do not want this. The truth is; we badly want it. The truth is; we want it so bad that we stop to hate ourselves and start loving ourselves by becoming the person we’re not. This is the fair not so fair paradox of life.

We want to be everything we’re not. We want to be complete and fill every possible void. A non-smoker wants to smoke real bad to look cool in the same way as the destitute wants to look cool by affording the expensive stuff. Life is a paradox we cannot deny. We have two brains; The thinking brain and the Observing brain.
We just avoid the paradox by our thinking brain, while our observing brain observes the thinking brain doing all of this.

Once we look beneath the surface of contradictions, the real grain of wisdom emerges.

Our whole life is an insignificant act, which makes it significant. Once, we realize how insignificant we are, there’s no stopping us from becoming the epitome of significance. The sooner we accept how insignificant we are, the sooner people will realize our significance. The more we hate a trait in a person, the more likely it is we are avoiding that trait in ourselves. The more a person shows sympathy, the more likely he needs the sympathy in his tough times.

There is no discerning of right or wrong, but just constant acceptance of our constant failure and our constant insignificance. The change in itself is the new constant. Tyler Durden of the ‘Fight Club’ says that “Self-improvement is like masturbation. Self-destruction, you see….”

We often feel like we’re satisfying ourselves while masturbating, but in reality we’re doing nothing remarkable. Whereas, self-destruction is the new orgasm. Same as with life, the more we tend to enjoy it, the more it takes us backward to a black hole of grief. The moment you start sabotaging yourself and yet standing again with that smirk, is the real deal. You smirk on that harsh paradox of your life and you feel liberated again. I warn you though, do not forget to be vulnerable about it and find a solidarity.

Shallow is deep. Stupidity is wisdom. Truth is a lie. Attachment is suffering. Loneliness is solitude. Peace is the chaos. Accepting limits is being limitless. Vulnerability is the ultimate freedom. Going backward is the fast forward. Slow-motion is the time-lapse.

You’re everything you want to be and you’re everything you’re not. Your biggest fear is not that you’re inadequate, but it is that you are highly adequate.

All these statements are a paradox. But, without an iota of doubt, these are the ultimate truth and this ultimate truth is the biggest lie.




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Prakhar Agnihotri

Open to everything, attached to nothing. Stranger to some, familiar to none.

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