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18 till I die

18 till I die

You gotta admit that growing up isn’t always the best feeling. You know when we were kids and always had this image of being an adult and live our life the way we want to be, especially to avoid the parent-teacher meetings or to have ice cream whenever we want to but turned out being an adult isn’t what we all imagined at all.

Yeah, we can have ice cream whenever we want there’s no one to say “don’t eat it, it’s your bedtime go and sleep.” But we missed it isn’t it? That “rok tok” of our time. We missed it. And now we are masters of our own and sometimes it feels lonely because now we have other demons to deal with like exam pressure, work schedule, relationship problem or loss of life.

And remember how much we hated that teenage period full of crankiness all thanks to those hormones and an era full of mistakes and yeah! again all thanks to those freaking hormones. But now we looked back it was a wonderful period too, we don’t care about the world at that time.

Even with those weird bell-bottoms we used to rock the world, we were so confident and how can we forget the fun we used to have in schools. And now we are so conscious because of the world and people’s judgments.

Sometimes I feel growing up is just adding the responsibilities and taking out all the fun. I hope you can relate to that but have you ever thought that we had responsibilities before that too? Isn’t it?

It was a responsibility to hold the hunger till the lunch break when we were in kindergarten.

To score good in boards.

To spend your pocket money consciously so that you can buy a gift for your girlfriend.

Those were responsibilities too; it was just a matter of our age at that time. At that time for a 5 years old holding, the hunger was a task dude. But we did cross all those obstacles and the best part is we never take those things as pressure but now when we have more experience and control we take all the things like it’s gonna kill us. The only thing which has been changed is our perspective to deal with other stuff.

Now we are more conscious and we have this self-doubt. In short we have less confidence or we start doubting ourselves more. Because we have this image put by society that if you are an adult, you need to be perfect and you need to be best and you need to act like an adult and all the other thing society tell you to be an adult.

I say fuck it!

Just be you like we used to be when we were kids. Age is just a number, growing up just means that we are gaining more experience but we are awesome, we are superheroes we used to think when we were kids, we still are. No doubt the world isn’t easy to deal with but why to have this sad perspective towards it, if we start having that perspective we used to have I know things will be the same but at least we will deal those things with happiness and with more confidence.

Body will age with time just keep that heart young and more alive.


And now let me quote some lines from Bryan Adams’ song





PS: the song itself is “18 till I die”, in case if you wanna listen

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About The Author

Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan


  1. Ankit sharma

    The way you see the things are on another level ,believe me. You got a gift to express the things that generally people can’t. Much appreciated ❤

    • Aanchal Sharma

      Thanks Ankit, I’m glad you loved it♥️

      • Ankit sharma

        Proudy proudy ❤

  2. Swarnil

    Then from on high
    Somewhere in the distance
    There’s a voice that calls
    Remember who you are
    If you lose yourself
    Your courage soon will follow
    So be strong tonight
    Remember who you are
    You’re a soldier now
    Fighting in a battle
    To be free once more
    Yeah, that’s worth fighting for…..

    “Look….. She’s back from the vacation…..” 💫


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