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Let’s start from the very beginning: How traveling came into existence and why people started traveling, why it is considered as the best therapy, why so many people love traveling and all the insights of travel.


THE HISTORY: It goes back to “vestige” (time of social history between eighth century BC and the fifth or sixth century AD) where rich Greeks and Romans would venture out for recreation to their late spring homes in urban areas like Pompeii and Baiae.

As the early travel would, in general, be slower, progressively perilous and increasingly commanded in terms of professional career and movement; travel in the Middle Ages offered hardships and difficulties.

In the late sixteenth century youthful European blue-bloods and rich privileged men made it popular to venture out to huge European urban areas as a major aspect of their specialties and writing instruction.

Travel with the end goal of the travel industry began around the nineteenth century when individuals began going for the sake of entertainment and in the twentieth century it turned out to be increasingly well known to go around various nations and investigate with the innovation of planes.


It is said that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and I couldn’t agree more. For me traveling is more of a necessity than a luxury. It is like an energy bar needed by my body to live life more compassionately and with an open mind.
So here I am going to give you some solid reasons that whenever you feel low or self-esteem, don’t go to a counselor or a therapist, instead pack your bags, take a ticket and just leave. You’ll experience your best therapy yourself.

Travelling liberates you from everything and anything that holds you back :

When you travel, you start believing in the endless possibilities. You can go anywhere, talk to anyone, eat anything and do whatever you want to do. For you “The sky is the only limit with zero responsibilities”.

Travelling teaches you to live in the moment:

The fact that you only get a few days or weeks to live at a certain place, you start to enjoy every single second of your trip as you realize that when a moment is gone, it’s never coming back.

Travelling teaches you to let go:

Sometimes while traveling, if you sit and think about your past, you do it with a more forgiving mind and peacefully.

You forget about all the misfortunes and bad memories as there is much more in traveling than to be stuck in one place.

Travelling makes you feel that it’s okay to get lost sometimes:

From my personal experience, whenever I travel, I mostly get lost and that is the best thing that happens. This teaches you that in real life too, it is totally fine to get lost and find the purposes again for doing things.


* Travelling makes you step out of your comfort zone:

You truly surprise yourself when you travel. You speak a different language, talk to strangers, eat unfamiliar dishes and do so many different things you’ve never done before. Tell me how many days, months or even years it takes to step out of your comfort zone when you’re stationed at your hometown?


*Travelling teaches you the language of genuine smiles and kind looks:

The most precious language of all.





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