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The Caterpillar that never turned into a Butterfly!

The Caterpillar that never turned into a Butterfly!

When I was in school I hated everything about my body literally everything. The thick thighs, the hair, the skin,  literally everything. I always thought the day I go to college boom… there is gonna be a transformation whatsoever and you know what? It did happen. We all grow as a person and that is the only thing that is constant. But little did I know what this is gonna cost me. I went through a bad heartbreak which still stays to date and it completely killed my feelings.

And in order to move on, I made some changes good or bad is yours to say. The thing that still remains is the hatred that I carried in my heart. If I just get a chance to meet my old self I would love to tell her that she is perfect just the way she is. The smile that she carries is enough to be in peace with herself. It’s crazy how these things turn up. Maybe in the future, I will be more fucked up in not the beautiful way possible and maybe I am fine right now just the way I am but it takes efforts to let this thought settle in. The negative thoughts do come every now and then.

But isn’t it a part of what we call .. LIFE? It will be fine for you and me. We will be fine. We will just outgrow the insecurities and the people and when we look back maybe we won’t find anyone but at least we will be true to ourselves rather than being delusional….

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A woman must have money and a room of her own if she’s to write fiction~ Virginia Woolf. | English Literature Student |

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