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Vertex 9 aka Piyush is an Indian Rapper, Composer, Producer, and Lyricist. He has been Awarded By RedFM 93.5 Amritsar for his Songs and his Amazing Rap Style which is going to set a New Benchmark in Indian hip-hop for other Rappers. He has been living in Amritsar during his college Days and is Very Popular in every college in Amritsar Due to his Unique Stage Presence and His Rapping style and currently, he is active In Chandigarh and Mumbai (Maharashtra) as he says Chandigarh and Mumbai is a snowfall of opportunities for all the artist.RJ Imran, RJ Meghna Mehra from RedFM 93.5, and RJ Mirchi Monica (x-contestant of Roadies )  from Radio Mirchi had also Noticed his Unique Rap style and wished him good luck for his upcoming Debut Album ” No Introduction”.

Here is Piyush Sah in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

In 2009, I joined a Music Band in My School (DAV), that was the first time I introduced to Music and Rhythm. I started rapping/composing songs during my college days. I was writing poetry since I was in school and it helped me a lot for writing song lyrics easily.

2) Which was your First Song?

My first song was “Hum-Dum”, a hip-hop song which became so popular in my college that everyone passing by me used to sing “hum dum o hum dum” and appreciates me, it was just an amazing song which is going to be released in my debut album “No Introduction” 2021 Worldwide.

3) Which Music Genre you normally Prefer?

I love to do Raw Hip-hop, Pop, Reggae And Electronic Music. 

4) Tell us  about your Upcoming Debut album? 

“No Introduction” is the name of my Debut Hip-hop  Album which is going to be released in 2021 worldwide. Album has 9 songs having different genre taste. Album contains 2-3 Punjabi songs party Anthem and 2-3 Hindi Songs and 2-3 Hindi + Punjabi Mix tracks. The album is going to be fire across India. Indian Hip-hop is Going to taste a new sound.

5) How much you charge for Performing on Live event/show ?

Actually, during my college days, I used to Perform for free if the management is good and the stage / Music Systems is professional. But now I had to charge a small amount of 36k for 2 hours. We are Performing with our Whole team (Singer/ Rappers). After Album success Charges may Jump to some higher Figures.

6) Who has been your Inspiration?

I have been inspired by International Hip-hop artists like  Tupac, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne and Indian Guru “Chanakya” and his principles had a great impact on my life. 

7) Where did you see yourself in next Five Years?

I want to go International and want my songs to appear on Billboard charts.

8) What is your View on Emerging Diss culture in Indian Hip-hop?

Dissing each other is a part of hip hop culture but it should be taken in a positive way. Till now in Indian Hip-hop only one diss battle is very famous that is between Emiway Bantai and Raftaar, I would like to say it was not diss it was just a sorting out things and putting your facts Right in front of Public which is a Fundamental Rights of Everyone. I love both artist there is no way to disrespect anyone because both are doing amazing in their own style.

9) What is your opinion on remake trend of song in Bollywood?

Sorry to say but Bollywood is becoming Copywood. I think they don’t have faith In new composers and in agreed of making more and more money, they simply Remake old song with Modern DAW giving Trap Beats and then make it a Dance Version and then Release it without taking any permission from the original Composer of the song. If you check 60% songs of very renowned old composers in Bollywood you will find that they are just copied version of international old Song. I’m hoping things will change in favour of new Composers in Future. 

10) How was life in quarantine?

Quarantine helped me a lot to find new potential within me and I am grateful for all the love and appreciation for my work.


INSTAGRAM –  @piyush_963
TWITTER – @Piyushsah2

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