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What is it like at a music festival?

What is it like at a music festival?

Around 10,000 people at the same place at the same time singing the same songs. This is something you need yourself to witness to know what it feels like. The ambiance of a music festival sparks a light inside anyone attending. The electric energy pulsating through the crowd is an addicting rush that unites every single concertgoer in perfect harmony.  It’s an adrenaline rush like you’ve never experienced before, and it’s not just the drugs.

When we connect with the people and the music around us, life becomes a movie. It’s truly the most euphoric experience that one can possibly encounter in this lifetime, and music festivals are capable of providing this experience. The festivals aren’t ordinary places, it’s a surreal world where everything is new and catches your eye. Their decoration, the lights, and the people around dressed up to match the vibe of the festival.

I have attended a couple of music festivals in the past few years. From attending a music festival like Lager n Barrel which is not that huge to attending NH7 Weekender and Sunburn, the two biggest music festivals in the country. We all have been listening to music on our phones and laptops. It is a whole other experience when you are there with more than 5000 people listening to your favorite artist play the song you have been listening on repeat. It is said that the people who listen to the same kind of music get along very well. Now imagine being surrounded by thousands of people with the same taste in music as you. There are so many people you get to talk to, know their story.

In recent times there are a lot of international artists that are coming to India for their shows. This just shows that the music culture in India is growing rapidly and big artists are considering India for their album tours. 4 years ago, I was never a person who would listen to a new genre of music apart from the commercial songs. But now after listening to different genres of music I believe that we need to step out of that commercial music zone and give a shot to the other genres too. The line up of the artists performing at the NH7 weekender was some of the best artists I have ever heard to including Kodaline, Nick Murphy, Parvaaz, Lifafa, Blot, Opeth, and may more amazing artists. But the sad part is not a lot of people have heard them and they are way better than the commercial songs that come out every year.

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