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Tibet’s has a history of Buddhist monk’s and their believe in Buddhism as a religion.

Tibet declared itself as an independent country in 1913 and remained one till 1950, after which the Chinese communist party took over the country and promised the authority of Tibet to protect their culture and political system.

China wanted to invade Tibet as it was a country with rich natural resources. The founder of the communist party Mou Zedong had this agenda of strategically militarize the border of India through control over Tibet.

Chinese party called its control over Tibet a Peaceful Liberation of Tibet but according to Tibetans, it was the Chinese invasion of Tibet through which it was gaining control over Tibet.

Tibet at that time was only forcefully following the commands of the Chinese communist party till 1949 when there was a great revolt in the capital of Tibet Lhasa by various Tibetans who feared the assassination of there then-leader Dalai Lama who was himself a 15-year-old teenager.

The Peoples’ Republic of China never wanted to leave its control over Tibet and make it to be a part of China. They marched towards Tibet with its troops to negotiate with Tibet. China wanted to make it it’s part peacefully or by force.

There was a huge debate regarding the independence of Tibet, and it was later declared that Tibet will remain an independent country under the rule of Dalai Lama and there will be no foreign control over it.

There has been various invasion by Chinese troops in many parts of Tibet. Chamdo was invaded by the Chinese troops after months of the negotiation and took control over it. There were many Tibetan troops that were killed and many were taken into as prisoners by the Chinese government. Later they freed a few hostages to talk to the Tibetan representative regarding the negotiation. There was a seventeen point agreement that was signed between Tibet and China, China promised to keep internal affairs and religious freedom with the Tibet government.

After the signing of the Agreement, Chamdo was under the control of PLA the Tibetan troop buildups known as the People’s Liberation Army and it was outside the Tibetan government.

The dispute regarding Tibet has always been an important issue of China, and even after various negotiations between both these countries, the central region of Tibet remained an autonomous region within China, though the Tibet government still calls itself an independent country. China’s greed towards keeping it as a part has never melted down in years and still calls Tibet an integral part of China.

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