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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

The “GOGO” magazine came as a cure for my dying artist with a lot of thoughts and paradigms to survive in this chaotic world. It actually meant a “GO-GO”, a booster for me to go ahead with writing what I strongly felt. To deal with it. To submerge it in me and make peace with it. The Lockdown was tough, with apparent so many guilt, anxieties, and what not! I was with so many ideas, but no platform to put them on.

And then the magazine came as a holy light, taking me out from the pits of my own ethereal aesthetically-doomed brain. It helped me to figure out my longings, my desires, my pains. It has seen me grow from the person whose writings dealt with issues of inner conflicts to the extent of suicide, and now the person still with grief, yet optimistic, of esteem. I remember Nikhil Sir asked me whether I would be able to be a part of it, and I jumped at the opportunity. I am much happy that I did. I was already writing poems and stories, and then I got the platform. The two years of GOGO feel like the two years of growth and undeniably exponential growth that I have seen in both of us.

To the more good days!


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Heerak Singh Kaushal

A person who is not afraid to 'call a spade, a spade'. You can often find me in two moods, either talking to everyone or just a quiet child. I live in a bubble that whatever it is shown in the newspapers, people are still good at heart. I wish you the best and may your pain just blow away!

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