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Gather memories like wildflowers
Let them flow through you like the wind
Bathe in them like in the first snow
Carry them in your heart wherever you go

Gather them in every street, every corner you pass
In every smile, in every passer-by,
In all the journeys you undertake
Gather memories like stars in a winter sky

Gather memories that make you cry,
And memories that make you smile
Gather memories that tear your heart apart
And snuggle somewhere deep inside

Weave them into paintings of dreams you want to live
Or let them roam the air like dandelions
Paint them onto the walls of your mind
Or lock them away in a safe of iron

Memories are your smiles and your tears
Your heartache and fears
Press them between pages
Or weave them into words

Sneak them under your pillow
Or show them to the world
They are your journey
Your footprints through the fabric of time

Let them grow and flourish
Let them blossom and shine.

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About The Author

Saloni Shah

“A girl who isn’t afraid of being outnumbered. Just like an Eagle, she has the willpower to touch the sky!” From the small town of Shrirampur, Saloni Shah is a student at the University of Mumbai studying Computer Science. A learner who accepts change for the benefit of growth and improvement. She holds multiple records and awards.

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