The age we are living in is the most technologically advanced age that mankind has ever seen. You can imagine anything and I am sure it will be there. Such has been the progress technologically that we have moved far far away from nature. In fact, we have utilised all the natural resources for increasing our comforts through technology not realising that Nature is the source of all the basic comforts and necessities. And one of the biggest threats to humankind is Global Warming. By cutting away at the Nature for our comforts, we have made sure that the greenery is nowhere to be seen. Green plants and trees are vital for maintaining proper proportions of Oxygen and Carbon dioxide. Due to unthoughtful ness over the scale cutting of trees and usage of substances like Chloro Fluoro Carbons in Air conditioners, we have increased the proportion of Carbon dioxide in Air. The proportional increase of CO2, which traps the heat, leads to the temperature rise, thereby resulting in Global Warming, that is, increase of temperature throughout the globe. The whole survival is in danger as this leads to melting of Glaciers and in turn, our survival will be in danger.
It was a prediction, but it happened was a distant dream, but it came true was not a reality, but it is prevalent was not believed, but it is threatening.

Our planet isn’t healing in any way our mother earth is in tears is in dire need of our helper ozone is decreasing steeply. We and our livelihood is dying. Nature is depleting enormously. The blessings we were bestowed upon have led us to suffer for a lifetime. We misused the gifts of nature. We are now facing bad omen.

We don’t have any other earth, or a planet for that matter, to go to. Cease denouncing the government or any organization to curb this deadly realism. Be the one who can bring a small amount of change. Only this much matters. 

What once used to be a threat, is now a reality. It is very much here right now.

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