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@sophiabergholm – a Swedish Photographer

@sophiabergholm – a Swedish Photographer
The eye of the forest!
Deep in the forests of Östergötland, Sweden there are several small hidden lakes. I love to look at the map and scout for these small lakes. This one I’ve named “The eye of the forest”. It has this great eye shape and when the clouds are just right it looks alive.

The heart lake summer!
I first saw it on Instagram. I saw it was located outside my hometown and so I tried to google it. It’s very hard to locate cause it’s not written anywhere. I actually got in touch with another female photographer who gave me the location of the lake. It is hard to reach and is best appreciated from above

The heart lake fall!
I love colors, so fall for me is a great time get another shot of this lake. I’ve tried to get information about it, but with no luck. So, I’ve done some research myself. I managed to find old maps from 1868 where the lake looks exactly the same as today.

The heart lake winter!
I already had photos from summer and fall, so I wanted to get a shot of this beautiful lake in winter as well. I had to be patient and wait for the right conditions. I wanted snow or frost but not the lake to be frozen. No wind, so the lake had a reflection, and some clouds to make it feel more alive. And it paid off.

The river of clouds!
Just a few kilometers from my parents’ house there’s a small lake. I’ve swum in it before but this time I got to see it from above, and I noticed this small river like part of it. One late summer evening I took my drone to the lake and I got to see this river of clouds reflecting perfectly in the water.


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