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Andrew was born and raised in the beautiful Scottish Borders. After high school, he went into the family business of painting and decorating where he worked for over a decade. In 2012/13 he spent a year traveling around the world, visiting 5 continents and 18 countries. Not only did this trip ignite his love for photography and all types of adventure but it was where the continent of Africa got under his skin. In 2015 Andrew returned to Africa and gained qualifications in safari guiding. He guided in both South Africa and Botswana. It was during his time in Botswana that Andrew lost his belongings to a wildfire, forcing him to return to Scotland, traveling without his passport proved to be challenging. His determination to return to Africa saw him back in 2016 where after another spell of guiding he was offered 3 weeks of photography work in Zambia with Norman Carr Safaris. Since 2017 Andrew has been their in-house photographer and videographer as the company has transitioned into the now, Time + Tide. Andrew spends his time between Scotland, Zambia and Madagascar, always with camera in hand in search of adventures.

A great spotted woodpecker also visited the reflection pool for a brief second. Always great to see these beautiful birds. I was happy to grab this shot before he took off.

“There aren’t enough warthogs on Instagram” said nobody ever, but here’s a photo of a warthog all the same for all you Pumba lovers out there @timeandtideafrica

Last week I took myself on an adventure to find and photograph some puffins here in Scotland. I’m happy to show you that the mission was a success and I just uploaded a new vlog so you can see how awesome the day was.

A grey crowned crane gives itself a morning shake on Womilombe Plain in the South Luangwa National park. I really enjoyed getting down in the dirt to capture this image just as the sun was rising behind me. @timeandtideafrica

A young lion cub annoying it’s mum in the Lower Zambezi, Zambia. We spent around an hour with this lioness and her lone cub. Eventually, she popped it into a bush and wandered off for some peace and quiet. @timeandtideafrica

SPECIAL MENTIONS TO @timeandtideafrica AND Miavana by Time + Tide


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