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Name: Iqbal Khairi
Age: 26
Country: Malaysia
Fulltime: Engineer
Partime: Mountain Photographer /Landscape Photographer

Gigantic view of Annapurna South, Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal at Night.

The only time I want to take pictures near here without people is only at night 😂 . And willing not to stand upright for 20-30 seconds at an altitude of 4130 m at a temperature below 0 Celsius? I want to go to the toilet, I have water, the water is all frozen. But this is the ‘adventure’ that many people are looking for. Look at the views!

Ijen Crater, East Java, Indonesia.

One of the two mountains in the world to have the wonders of the new fire realm phenomenon. This blue flame can only be seen when it is a night without light pollution. Almost the same way to see the ‘Milkyway’. During the day, it is clear that the unique crater has turquoise water and the yellow color is sulfur

Yesterday I shared a photo that was #shotoniphone and how I edit it using Lr Mobile. If you look at the photo carefully, you will notice there’s a man standing at the top of the hill. Yes, it’s actually a pit stop before arriving at Puncak Sejati, Mt Raung. Standing at 3344 meters asl it’s one of the famous mountains in East Java, Indonesia. Locally called the trek ‘Sirotol Mustaqim’. If you want to know why you can search on YouTube.

Gunung, Raung, Indonesia

Just wanna share my #shotoniphone photo. It was taken using iPhone 6 on my way to the Mt Raung Summit, Indonesia. Since iPhone was introduced,iPhone really did well under bright light. The secret of natural strong vibrant color is due to wet stone/soil. After the rain, the landscape does look great naturally, forever my favorite moment!

Annapurna Base Camp


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