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Aamir Khatri was born and bred in Gujarat, India. he finished his MBA in Marketing from Bangalore and moved to Zambia for the love of wildlife and expansion of business. He was drawn into Wildlife Photography mainly because of his love towards the Big Cats and to be precise Lions and Leopards on top of the List.

A curious Cub gave a cute little stare for disappearing into the thickets.

Male Lion in the setting Sun over Zambia’s Luangwa Valley.

A Leopard with a fresh Puku Fawn Kill that’s barely eaten and on its way to hoisting it to keep it away from the Hyenas.

Lion feasting on a dead hippo that couldn’t stand against the summer heat.

A beautiful Male Leopard on a termite mound in the Sabi Sands.


INSTAGRAM: @aamir__khatri

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