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SIDDHARTH ANAND – The Contradictory Traveller

SIDDHARTH ANAND – The Contradictory Traveller

His first real encounter with mountains and nature happened when he was 15 and enrolled in a mountaineering course held in Manali (Himalayas), receiving an A++ was a motivation. His interest kept growing in the Himalayas during his graduation days when he got the real chance to get closer to nature and wildlife. When he got a chance to come to New Zealand it was exhilarating. He started to capture more and moved to Queenstown as it’s the World adventure sports capital and did his paragliding license and to better soak in the Southern Alps.

In 1904 “Himalayan Tahr” was introduced as a hunting game animal in New Zealand to complement deer species. This statue of “Himalayan Tahr” at Lake Pukaki was commissioned by the Game and forest foundation of New Zealand. New Zealand is the only country where “Himalayan Tahr” can be hunted🏔

Fall of the empress’🌱
Lion-tailed macaque, a critically endangered species endemic to Southern India and found nowhere else in the world. One of the rarest and most threatened primates. These macaques are typically arboreal and rarely comes to the ground as they prefer to live in the high canopy tropical rainforest, but this female rare visit to the ground was turned to be a death trap where a domestic village dog hunt her down which is a very opportunistic event. Losing an individual of such a majestic and ecological sensitive species is a big loss and affects its conservation.

Garhwal Himalayas always fascinated British hunters like “Jim Corbett”!! Even after getting populated the wildlife still thrives in these dense woods due to its terrain and weather!!🌍🐾🐆

“Mueller Hut” sits on Sealy range situated at 5905 ft just below the summit of “Mt. Ollivier” it was one of the most expensive hut construction projects a total of 130 flights carrying 59,622kgs were required and the finished cost was $409,000 and “Mt. Ollivier” is known as “Sir Edmund Hillary’s” first major climb in 1939|🌬❄️🏔✨🇳🇿 🌎

Bridge Of Remembrance which links Oxford and Cambridge terraces over the Avon river🌊
It’s a war memorial dedicated to those who died in World War 1 and those who participated in World War 2.

Aoraki or Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand, its height is 12218 ft and the lake under it is hooker lake|🏔❄️✨


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