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Uttara Kannada, Karnataka
The early morning atmosphere is what attracts me the most while shooting trains. And this particular place holds an exquisite position in my heart, always enjoyed watching trains roll by this bridge across the mighty Sharavathi river in Karnataka. Fortunate enough to be here at the right time.

Goa, India
Do you feel the atmosphere? Lashing rain, growing darkness and moving machines.
The workhorses of Braganza ghats heading towards Kulem for their next assignment.

Ukshi, Maharashtra India
Break the Silence! It was drizzling a little bit at this quaint village of Ukshi, the only sound I could hear was of the raindrops and a few birds singing at a distance. But all of that didn’t last long, until a long air horn blared which resonated around the mountains and then he finally showed up!

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway!
Huff Puff, and there she goes! For a moment this scene made me think that if I was in Scotland somewhere around the Glenfinnan viaduct. But no, it’s the X-class oil-fired steam locomotive from Switzerland pushing the train from Mettupalayam with all its might tackling the gradients of the Nilgiris.

Gokarna, Karnataka.
Misty Morning! A passenger curiously peeks out looking at a freight train heading north during the early hours of a monsoon day! Rainy mornings are the best.

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