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SALONI SHAH – A girl who isn’t afraid of being outnumbered

SALONI SHAH – A girl who isn’t afraid of being outnumbered

“A girl who isn’t afraid of being outnumbered. Just like an Eagle, she has the willpower to touch the sky!”

From the small town of Shrirampur, Saloni Shah is a student at the University of Mumbai studying Computer Science. A learner who accepts change for the benefit of growth and improvement. She holds multiple records and awards.

Here is Saloni Shah in a conversation with GOGO Magzine.

1) How did your journey as a writer begin?

As someone who has always enjoyed learning new things and speaking my mind, my writing journey six months ago, with a small poem that I discovered was going to be published as part of an upcoming anthology. It was the first official writing I had ever done, so I was over the moon. Truth be told, I am more excited about discovering my voice and lifestyle as a writer than ever before.

2) Tell us about your first book.

“Sea of Sentiments” is a poetry book dealing with emotions, feelings, sentiments, experiences, and everything happening in the world around us. Every action and reaction follows up with feelings, just as happiness held is a seed; happiness shared is a flower. We are in a sea of feelings, floating in the emotions and feelings just as flowers don’t feel they show. Each poem can be related to anyone who has ever been through it.

3) Which has been your life changing moment?

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, big or small, frightening or calming, every moment changes a person, whether for the better or for the worse. After I started writing in August 2020, it changed my life. I began with a single poem and in a couple of days, I will have a poetry book out on your website. I hope my poetry book will be loved by all the readers.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

The better version of me has always been inspired by those who enjoy leaving their comfort zone. Furthermore, I always look up to my family and believe that “I can do anything in my life”. Likewise, I would also love to make my mark on the world.

5) Tell us about your initiatives.

With many awards in the field of literature under my belt, I am well aware of the value of awards. It makes people feel valued for their work.  As a way of showing appreciation and gratitude for each person’s good work, and making people aware that good work will be rewarded, I have developed TRSA, an online platform where talents and their hard works are recognized. Just a week has passed and 60+ awardees have already signed on. I have planned on serving an NGO since I believe that “sometimes unknowing people’s happiness brings a smile to your face.”.

6) Share your achievements with the magazine.

  • Co-authored 25+ Anthologies, and 22 Compiled books.
  • India Book of Record Holder for the unique book ZODIAC: A tale of 12 signs.
  • Recognised by OMG BOOK OF RECORDS for the book WHY?
  • Recently recognized for the book- “Pink is not only meant for girls” by Vajra World Records.
  • Certified by Vajra Book of Records for being one of the authors of the book – Pink is no only meant for girls.
  • Certified by Asia Book of Records for being one of the authors of the book – Art of Translation.
  • Featured in a National Magazine  “Taare Zameen Par” in September Edition 2020. 
  • Prime India Award 2021 from OMG Book of Records.
  • Ne8x Lit Fest 2020 Nominee
  • Received KBR – INTERNATIONAL KALAM’S GOLDEN AWARDS, WORLD RECORD LEGENDS MEET 2021 under 2 categories- Best Writer of the Year and Best Achiever of the year.
  • Recognized as The Real Super Woman 2020 by FSIA.
  • Sahityakosh Samman Awardee 2021
  • Featured at Mt. Kenya Times
  • Tagore Commemorative Honouree Author of the year 2021
  • Titled as Women Of Tomorrow by Hope International World Records
  • Featured in Mt. Kenya Times
  • Woman Victory Awardee 2021 under the category Self Made Achiever
  • International Achievers Award 2021 for Literature
  • Kalam Ratna Awardee
  • Achiever of The Year Award by Forever Star Book of World Records
  • WEAA award winner
  • Applause awards winner
  • Spectrum Awards Top 50 compilations winner

7) Which has been the most proud moment of your life?

I have yet to experience my proudest moment. However, there are those small achievements that make you proud of yourself. Having developed a self-identity in Literature in the last six months is one of my proudest moments. The fact that I am surrounded by hardworking family members makes me believe that many more moments of pride will follow. The best way to overcome any obstacle is to take pride in the person you are becoming and who you are being.

8) How was life in quarantine?

While the first few months of my quarantine life were dull, I turned to write as a pass time, which turned out to be a passion. Vibing alone with books, a pen and a laptop is now one of my greatest joys.


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