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Wrap My Hijab is a modest Fashion blog where it aims to inspire my fellow ladies to follow the trend without forgetting their beliefs. My vision is to make modesty as common as it can be because it is elegant and emphasizes your inner beauty which is crucial.

I  encourage modest clothing to incline my readers, who are devoted to fashion but not more than their personal preferences or faith. As Hijab (Headscarf) does not cover up one’s freedom rather it showcases her confidence, commitment, and will power. Fashion doesn’t necessarily entail revealing a lot of skin because you are classy when you have everything to flaunt but you choose not to.

Working in the fashion industry doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to show a lot of skin or wear tight clothes. If you feel good and confident on the inside, you will do wonders. And if you’re not comfortable with yourself and with what you’re wearing, there’s no way of doing it right.

The reason I choose to dress this way because this is liberating and a different level of women empowerment where I save my self from being objectified or sexualized in public.

My FASHION BLOGS especially connect to those who think being fashionable means to show more of your skin. But no that’s wrong, you can definitely follow the trend by being happy in the boundaries we set for ourselves.  You can easily convert western clothing into a modest attire by following some tips

Fashion blog : How to style cropped jacket modestly

My LIFESTYLE BLOGS talks about the confidence  (the best accessory), self-love,  personality development + updates on some exciting events from my daily life with a powerful message.

Lifestyle blog : Know your worth

In my  BEAUTY BLOGS, I promote Halal/cruelty-free/ vegan  Cosmetics. By halal cosmetics, I mean products that don’t have pig fat as an ingredient because my beliefs don’t give them permission to use it.

Beauty blog : Halal / cruelty free cosmetics




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About The Author

Huma Joad

Modest Fashion Blogger | Social Media Influencer | Content Creator | residing at Pune, India. My vision is to make modest Fashion as common as possible because it enhances the elegance of women.


  1. Jawad joad

    Amazing modest dressing ❤️

    • wrapmyhijab


    • Heena

      Great article , really empowering.

  2. Siddharth Jagtap

    Slayin ❤️💥

  3. Shadab Darvesh


    • Huma Joad



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