Kharif Almezorai is and adventurer from UAE. He lives in Dubai. He has been exploring many caves around the world, one of them is Gypsy Cave and Orda Cave in Russia. One of the caves he explored in UAE is called as Bat Cave which is around 3 km long and 200 metres deep.

He has explored several ship wrecks around the oceans in UAE. One of them is the NS and some other submarines. He has been influencing people to do outdoor activities through his social networking handles. He has been also doing mountain climbing. Some of his summits are the Albruce in Russia (highest mountain in Europe and Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa. He loves adventure and teach people about the outdoor adventures and the survival tactics.

Here is Kharif Almezorai in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

Travelling was introduced to me by my father since my childhood. He used to take us out for travelling and adventure very often. As I was exposed to travelling and adventure, I felt that I was made for travelling and exploring new places than living a regular life in cities.

2) How was your experience exploring the world underground across the globe?

For me, it was very interesting and adventurous to be able to explore the underground world. Especially the caves of Oman. I got a chance to see things that any normal person would never be able to see. They were untouched, unharmed and some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I kind of have a feeling that the underground world holds key to some of the most fascinating secrets in the history of the world. It feels like whenever I explore a place, I find new secrets about it. It is really beautiful in the underground and it feels like you are at peace.

3) Which has been the most dangerous cave you have explored and Why?

For me, the most dangerous cave I ever explored was Orda Cave, located in Russia. It is the biggest gypsum cave found in the whole world. It was the toughest exploration ever because the temperature was really cold and it was a cave dive for a very long distance. The entire cave was filled with water everywhere. Because of this, there was nowhere to run or to go in case anything happens. That’s why this was the most dangerous cave I ever explored.

4) How was your experience with submarines and ship wrecks?

My experience with ship wrecks and submarines has been beautiful but it is very hard since it takes a lot of time to find out a wreck and then exploring it. It is a proud moment when you find a ship wreck and when you look at it nicely, several questions arises in mind like how did it sink? What must have happened? How people had been living here before? So, it is very interesting for me to dive inside an ocean and find ship wrecks where once people were living and now it is the home to aquatic life.

5) What is the one thing you would love to share about the wrecks.

The one thing that I would love to share about the wrecks is that they are a treasure. We must try to preserve them. They are like a safe full of amazing artifacts, homes to some of the most beautiful corals I have ever seen. They need to be preserved. Governments should form strict laws against people fishing in the Shep wrecks. They leave their nets and other fishing material there which creates issues for the aquatic life. It is a treasure that will stay there for thousands of years.

6) How has been your life as an influencer?

As an influencer, my greatest support has been my family and my friends. If they can say that they’re proud of you, you have already achieved enough. So as an influencer, my biggest observation is that we need to always tell people to be good and to show kindness. It is kind of a big responsibility to always motivate people to help each other. I believe it to be a very big responsibility on my neck to be an influencer because people everything you do and you say. You need to be very careful with everything that you do and that is happening around you.

7) How was life as a Mountaineer?

As a mountaineer, life is very interesting and beautiful. It is because you get to see the whole world from the very top. It is very interesting and it helps me realise how small we are compared to this whole wide world. Especially the feeling you get when you sit and camp and meet with all the different types of people around. It is a really amazing feeling to get to know people. To tell them tomorrow we will do better and better and go further together. Once you reach the top, it’s a whole different feeling that you get when you feel like you have achieved something.

8) Which has been the most difficult mountain to climb on for you?

For me, the most difficult mountain to climb was Mount Elbrus in Russia. I consider it to be the most difficult because it was filled with snowy storms and killing weather. Unfortunately, someone even died in this trek. It was because of an accident due to the strong storm. It was very dangerous that day.

9) How was life in quarantine?

Well, earlier during the initial days of corona, I didn’t believe that it was as serious as it was being advertised. So I took it lightly and didn’t pay much attention. But once I realised that it is really havoc out there, I understood that I need to take some strong precautions. So I isolated myself during the quarantine lockdown and started exploring places that I would visit once the danger is averted. I saw plenty of places and also joined my followers on social media. I shared my views and moments with my followers, talked to them sometimes. It felt like I have become a better and a more experienced person since the lockdown because I learnt more and more during the lockdown than I would by going and exploring.


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