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PARESH ZAN – The Global Traveller Munda

PARESH ZAN – The Global Traveller Munda

“I have only one dream and that is to travel the whole world with my soulmate! God has created such a beautiful world, and I want to see it, I want to live every moment. Travel is my passion, my hobby, my everything. I want to take advantage of every opportunity coz some things only happen once in a Lifetime. Just because of my madness of travel, I am into travel-related business.”@globaltravellermunda

Here is Paresh Zan in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey start?

Right now I’m 38 years old but at the age of 15 years I was the first time ever had visited Himachal Pradesh with my family, and that’s when I saw the true beauty of nature for the first time, That’s when I thought that God has created such a beautiful world, so why should I not explore it completely? That’s when I had decided that I will travel the whole world with my soulmate, Even if that is not possible I will see my India for sure. I want to take advantage of every opportunity because some things only happen once in a lifetime, Just because of my madness of travel and by the grace of God right now at the age of 38 years right now I am into travel-related business and out of 29, I have visited 23 states of India and also done one international trip of Dubai.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

Frankly speaking, so no one has been my inspiration, After seeing my madness of travel, My wife Inspired me to do travel-related business and also gave me an idea about Travel Influencer to join Instagram. Just because of her great co-operation and support right now I’m at this position and owner of 2 Travel related business companies. 

3) How did your Instagram community grow?

I have been putting my travel-related photos on IG for the past 3 to 4 years but before the first Lockdown, I went to Dubai with my family and it was my first International trip, after Dubai Trip, I have been very consistent on IG and just because of this my insta grew up very nicely, Recently I have done a collaboration with Ladakh tourism and I got lots of great content of beauty of Ladakh and just coz of this content my insta grew more quickly day by day and right now I have Insta family of 148k members.

4) Which has been your favourite destination?

Sikkim and Ladakh is my favourite destination in India and as I said above is the international level I have only been to Dubai only so Dubai is also my favourite destination, where every year there is something new attraction which attracts the people again and again.

5) Suggest three unexplored places in India.

▫️Tso Moriri (Ladakh)
▫️Munsiyari (Uttarakhand)
▫️Dawki (Meghalaya)

6) How do you earn while travelling?

As I mentioned about I have 2 Travel related business companies, one is Travelogy company and the second is Royal tours and Travel. In Travelogy Company, we do Promotion of Resorts, Villas, hotels etc with the help of Commercial Drone Shooting videos, Photography and blogging activities etc. And In Royal tours and travels, we are working as a travel agent where we arrange group and individual tours. So I do most of the Traveling just for Business-related only.

7) How was life in quarantine?

Actually, it was quite an interesting time for me, I have spent some quality time with family, especially with my 7 years old Twins baby boy, we have done lots of fun activities during that period, also we have done some plans for future international trips. That time has really taught us a lot.


INSTAGRAM: @globaltravellermunda

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