Sweatpants are not only used to wear at home and be lazy around the house, you can actually wear them outside and look cute! Think about wearing them at work, a sunny day out cycling, a movie date, coffee with your friends or just chilling out in a cafe by yourself, Sweatpants can be worn in a thousand different ways and the best part about it is you will feel so comfortable yet stylish and chic.

Here are 3 simple ways to style your sweatpants.

1. Pair your sweatpants with a basic blazer and sneakers for a casual work look.

2. Throw on some chunky gold jewellery for a chic street wear look.

3. Denim jackets and sweatpants are a saviour on lazy day out.

Easy to put together and so cute. Now that you know the trick, just have fun with your clothes, and Don’t let your sweatpant go to waste sitting around the house and Rock them strutting on the street like a Queen.

Happy Styling!

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