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Obsession of 90s kids with Harry Potter

Obsession of 90s kids with Harry Potter

When J.K. Rowling began writing the Harry Potter series, little did she know that her life will be taking a 360-degree turn for good! Writing major part of the series in Nicolson’s Cafe, Jo had already seen one hell of a roller-coaster ride – from estranged marriage and a dependent child to see her life as a failure she had seen it all. 1997, though, saw a new horizon for her and the millions and billions of readers she had earned as her loyal fans.

Rowling completed the manuscript of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1995 and was rejected by eight publishing houses before Bloomsbury gave her a fair share of a chance to get her work published. No belittling the publishing houses, but poor things had no idea what was going to hit the global market and they had already lost their chance to be a part of a historical moment, to say the least, the Harry Potter series created history and it will always be the same.

Why Harry Potter will remain close to 90s Kids
The 90s was a beautiful era altogether. Everything that has to do with simple, amazing, and beautiful dates back to the timeline, from the beginning of the decade, to finally bidding adieu, the 90s sure was a beautiful memory for so many of us.

1997 was a new dawn for the kids back then, they had no idea they will soon ‘board’ a magical journey, the highs of which they could only imagine in their wildest of dreams. The exquisiteness of which is etched in our heart to date. The first book in the series – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the best-selling story in the UK till 2001, historical indeed!

A Fantasy World that is Heart and Soul
Rowling merely wrote to her heart’s content and she got the idea of this entire story while onboard, her train journey was sure a blessing in disguise and I cannot thank her enough for what to me is ‘words penned down in golden ink’, This young-adult fiction did not only woo children but got traction from every age group around the globe and she earned fans so crazy, they breathe Harry Potter till date and this is no joke.

What merely was a fantasy to the publishers, who decided to reject her work – Bloomsbury saw the magic unfolding already and how! This fiction series though nothing but an alternate universe to so many fans out there and I don’t deny being one of them, it will always be a reality in some remote corner of our heart and brain. To date, Hogwarts is my safe haven and the trio of my sanity bag.


The first chapter for the very first installation – ‘Philosophers Stone’ was rightly titled “The Boy Who Lived”, for Harry still lives for all of us. The friendship of the infamous trio – Harry, Ron, and Hermione to date is not just mine but an inspiration to so many friends out there. The trio wasn’t only attached to hip in the ‘reel’ world, but their friendship hooked them for life and how.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling might have penned down her story keeping no age group in mind, but I can bet never in her wildest she must have imagined that there’ll be people from all over the world who’d be thanking their stars for being born around the same time frame as her. She made a legend out of the most simple ‘magical’ story and that magic ceases to let go of any of us, No matter I’m 50 or 80, I swear heavens no page in a book will ever smell the same to me as Harry Potter.

Jo made sure that all the 90s kids will remember their childhood with memories of Harry waiting for the calendar to skip to September the 1st and it will be the same until death do us apart. Now. ALWAYS

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