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My Perfect Verse

My Perfect Verse

She’s got this beauty,
That shines through all that’s gloom.
Something that resembles sun rays hitting the meadows,
A beautiful state of heavenly glow.

I believe in guardian angels,
Angels who rescue us from cages.
Cages this torrid world has created,
All the freedom that has faded,

She gives the world a reason to feel alive,
Like the stars so beautifully align.
She’s like a perfect verse,
She so effortlessly lifts our hearts.

From sorrow,
To a better tomorrow.

She’s a beautiful symphony of twinkling bliss,
For her life’s a wondrous abyss.
An abyss of eternal blessings.
Like the soft winter breeze,

She so kindly makes the devil freeze.
The souls she mesmerizes and claims,
Like the elegant ocean waves,
She remains.

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About The Author

Aaron Sharma

Hi! I’m Aaron, I’m from Imphal a valley in Manipur, a state in the northeastern part of India. I write because writing is like putting a puzzle together. There’s something about it that excites me, bringing words together, fitting the right pieces together to build a beautiful picture, that in itself is a journey, a journey I hope to share with all of you.

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