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I Am Sorry

I Am Sorry

I am still waiting for you to knock on the doors,
To enter as if everything never happened.
Can we just stay aloof for the sake?
Did I defy the gods or muted the angels who were singing the songs of peace?
Did I fall on into hell by betraying you?
I called upon the fact that I have been betrayed by the gods.
I mean, I was. No?

All of a sudden, your name was taken,
I managed my best to know the whole context,
It was again some praise.
My heart ushered, I controlled my eyes,
Got out of the lane, in the woods,
To seek what I felt.

Why I wanted to feel this mixed emotion, where my heart aches and weeps for you.
Did I do anything subliminally wrong?
Will I ever be over the guilt?
How dare you?
How dare you?
How dare you put me in my own self-conflict, when I got myself out of those entanglements.
How dare you put the faith in me, when I had never ever had anything to offer?
How dare you being hurt, and still not shattered?

Because it was I only who was on the knees.
On the mercy of your words.
How dare you make me feel guilty about the things and put me in dilemmas, which should have been never mine.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
I am sorry.

About The Author

Heerak Singh Kaushal

A person who is not afraid to 'call a spade, a spade'. You can often find me in two moods, either talking to everyone or just a quiet child. I live in a bubble that whatever it is shown in the newspapers, people are still good at heart. I wish you the best and may your pain just blow away!

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