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Discipline and not motivation

Discipline and not motivation

Have you ever felt a lack of motivation and held yourself back from doing something productive? I bet a lot of people could agree with this.
But have you ever considered pushing yourself through the times of desperate need of motivation and pushed yourself through to achieve something for which you were unable to find motivation. The result feels better right?
A lot of people today stress finding motivation or getting motivated, rather they should push themselves out of their comfort zone and discipline themselves.
For example, no matter what, a sportsperson who is loyal to his sport and is hell-bent on achieving his goal will get up and sweat it out no matter if he wants to or not. What matters is that he is willing to.
For discipline will stay forever if you inculcate it within and keep on practicing it till the very end, whereas if you’ll wait for motivation a lot many things will remain undone and you’ll end up frustrated.
Let discipline be constant and motivation be supplementary and see yourself working through whatever you wish to.




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