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Make the World a Better Place to Live with Artificial Intelligence

Make the World a Better Place to Live with Artificial Intelligence

Technology advancements are growing at a rapid pace. These technological advancements are making complex tasks easy. Things such as Siri and self-driving cars are a blessing in disguise for us. These are vital aspects of artificial intelligence. Some people define artificial intelligence as robots with human-like characteristics. These days narrow AI is used to perform tasks such as facial recognition or during internet searches or while driving a car. Researchers are planning to create generic AI in which robots would play chess or solve complex equations in the years to come.

What are the dangers associated with AI?

AI can be used for the betterment of the masses. On the contrary, Researchers opine that Artificial intelligence could be a bane for many of us in the following two situations:

Programmed to do something devastating: If artificial intelligence systems come in the hands of the wrong individuals, they might cause mass casualties. It would be tough for us to turn them off and go beyond the control of humans.

Made to do something beneficial but can adopt a destructive method to achieve its goal: If a super intelligent system is assigned a Geoengineering task, it might wreak havoc in nature and need human intervention to stop this threat spreading further.
AI is helping us to make our tasks easier and hassle-free. It is advised to use artificial intelligence to betterment the masses, then using them for destroying the lives of living beings.

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