Adolescence, transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines an adolescent as any person between ages 10 and 19. This age range falls within WHO’s definition of young people, which refers to individuals between ages 10 and 24.

A human body undergoes a number of changes during this age. The numerous physical, sexual, psychological, social, and enthusiastic changes that occur during this time can bring expectation and tension for both, the youngsters and their families. Understanding what’s in store at various stages can advance sound improvement all through immaturity and into early adulthood.

During this stage, kids frequently begin to develop all the more rapidly. These body changes can rouse interest and tension in some―especially in the event that they don’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store or what is ordinary. Early youths have solid, highly contrasting reasoning. Things are either correct or off-base, incredible or awful, absent a lot of room in the middle. Pre-youngsters feel an expanded requirement for security. Many teens become interested in romantic and sexual relationships. They may begin to investigate methods of being autonomous from their family. In this cycle, they may push limits and may respond firmly if guardians or gatekeepers strengthen limits.

Therefore it becomes important for their parents to understand them. They must help their child anticipate changes in his or her body, and start early conversations about other important topics like relationships, sex education, ethics, and moral values. Parents must be supportive and set clear limits with high (but reasonable) expectations. They must discuss the consequences of risky behavior and help maintain them a positive track and most importantly honor their independence and individuality.

The adolescent years can feel like riding a roller coaster. By maintaining positive and respectful parent-child relationships during this period, the family can (try to) enjoy the ride!

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