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How many times have you cancelled your plans and stayed at home because you were lazy enough to step out of your house?

It is not something only you go through even a very active person who loves traveling can feel it someday in his life. Being lazy is something that comes to all of us, at some point.

Laziness can be described as one person’s unwillingness to perform a chore despite having the ability to do it. It can be a lack of motivation or lethargy that creates such a feeling of laziness.

Being lazy is something that cannot be a great part of your life, as it makes you stop doing any work and only lay down and not move. Lazy is not something physical but a mental thought that stops us from working or even doing basic chores of life. But can laziness also be a good thing for a few, imagine you are a person who doesn’t love to take a break and always keeps working that can actually make you exhausted, so to all people who are continuously working you need to stop and include a bit of laziness in your life and just sit back and relax?

Laziness can be characterized as a reduced level of energy, activity, at one hand it is characterized as a personality trait that includes procrastination and idleness. Laziness can make a person dull physically and mentally both and to get through it is important to make yourself realize the effects of laziness and how it can bring you problems later and start moving out of that bed and start doing something positive.

Laziness can be both a boon and bane to your life, it depends upon you how you use it. The next time you think of cancelling a meetup or any work calls just remind yourself how laziness can kill what you can actually go out and feel in life. With this pandemic, we have realized how short life can be and unpredictable and it is important to leave the laziness and start reliving your life.

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Muskaan Rafique

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” - Louis L’Amour 21| LAW STUDENT| WRITER|

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