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Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

The act of knowing that you are dreaming whilst you are dreaming. This is a special type of dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming and can control the pace of your dream.

I mean you can dream as you like (flying, swimming, driving, starting a nuclear war and whatnot). You gain control to become the boss of your dream and you decide what’s going to happen next in your dream.

However, numerous investigations have been directed up until this point and it has revealed some insight onto the phenomenon. Scientists conducted experiments using FMRI scanners which measures the rate of blood flow in different areas of the brain.

FMRI scanner outputs result as a series of images that can relay a pattern of what a person must be thinking or doing by lighting up the area of the brain (a bit unclear but an example will help).

Scientists asked volunteers to do a specific task before falling asleep scanned them in the FMRI scanner and then asked them to do the same after they fall asleep (in their dreams). FMRI scanner images showed similar results in both cases. Similiar places of the brain were lit in both cases.

Although, lucid dreaming comes normally to certain individuals. However a considerable lot of us have never experienced such inclination or sensations. A few people guarantee to figure out how to Lucid dream. What’s more, the secret to having a lucid dream is simply to just think of yourself gaining control of the dream.

I know gaining control of your dream seems cool and quite interesting but everything comes with its side effects. There have been many cases of experiencing freighting lucid dreams. This can be startling since you can’t move.

You’re mindful that you’re conscious, yet might be encountering hallucinations from your dream. This sort of sleep paralysis is uncommon, however, it’s very a chance while trying different things with lucid dreams.


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