I was a little girl with a bigger dream.
A dream to make the world a better place,
And now I am bigger,
And I know that the world is burning.
I see storms coming,
but I close my eyes,
I hear screams of the innocent,
and I turn up my music.
I want to change everything about the world,
but I only end up dreaming.
People are dying,
but my windows are closed,
I hear they can’t breathe,
but I am breathing.
I am breathing,

And doing nothing else.
All that I can do is keep breathing.
Sometimes, I wake up,
but I can’t get out of bed.
Sometimes I try,
but it never seems to matter.
I am trying,
but in the end, I am just breathing.
My breath is laboured,
but I am breathing.
I feel the weight on my chest,
but I am still breathing.

With my eyes and ears closed,
I still am breathing.
And I will keep breathing,
For as long as I can,
With the thought to change the world,
My body will sleep,
but my mind never will,
So, I will keep breathing.

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