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The story about ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

The story about ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims

It is a hard phase of time being experienced by the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, these Rohingya Muslims were one of the many ethnic minorities who used to stay in Myanmar. The crisis started in 2017 when the ARSA militants started attacking the Rohingyas in the name of ethnic cleansing.

These Rohingyas Muslims are known to be the most discriminated people who were not given their citizenship rights under the Myanmar government. These people were tortured, raped, with their villages being destroyed. Many of these people had to forcefully leave their homes and flee to Bangladesh as refugees. It is sad to hear that more than 100 villages were inferno making the people homeless and suffer from hunger and strife.

They in the eyes of Myanmar government are illegal immigrants who have been also refused to be given a place in the 2014 census as they are not referred to as humans according to the government. Even if it considers a way of ethnicity cleaning, as what it’s called there is always a better way to do it.

Though they are immigrants, they are humans who cannot be discriminated against and tortured with no value for their lives. This conflict had made their people suffer to unimaginable pain and strife by the repeated attacks carried upon them.

There are many families that were falling apart, one such family was of Fathima whose father and brother were killed and her mother being the only one head of the household with her daughters had to flee and take shelter in the refugee camp.

Life since the conflict has been very hard for the people of Rohingyas many being left with no family and homeless, having the only option and it was to leave their own homes that were destroyed and take refugees in the neighboring country of Myanmar Bangladesh. It was a long conflict which continued till a long time until the UN investigators published a report accusing the Myanmar’s militants of the genocide of the  Rohingyas and calling it “genocidal intent”. Though the Myanmar leader of that time Aung San Suu Kyi rejected the allegations and tried supporting the military force. It was a small west African Muslim country The Gambia bought a case against Myanmar at the UNs International court of justice.

Though their leader rejected all the claims of genocide the ICC (International Court of Crime) approved for an investigation of the situation. There are still millions of people still living in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine province. The court in January 2020 initially ordered the government of Myanmar to take emergency actions to protect the Rohingyas.

This is a downhearted situation to see so human suffering and being killed in this modern-day and age in the name of illegal immigrants. Situations like these need to be given much more attention as it’s not about religion or migration issues that should be prioritized to protect life and property Ethnic Cleansing must respect the basic right of life by any human being.




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