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Life under Taliban

Life under Taliban

“In Afghanistan things were expensive, there was war and now the things have become more expensive. None of the authorities have paid any attention to this, and now our people face unemployment, poverty, and misfortune.”

States a terrified, devastated civilian of Afghanistan.

Taliban regained power after 20 long years. After 20 years of fighting, America decided to withdraw its forces protecting the borders after nearly two decades, unfortunately putting  Afghanistan in a state of great distress and misery after falling into Taliban’s rule again. It’s been over a month since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban.

Meanwhile millions of innocent, scared civilians are desperately breaking a leg to flee the country to run for their lives, while the remaining are striving to lead a normal life in the country.

The young generation of Afghanistan, who probably ever read or heard about the Taliban rule are experiencing the wrath of the Taliban, waking up anxious every day while the new law and orders are being awaited.


Ever since the invasion of the Taliban, banks are reportedly shut and people are short of money. Taliban fighters allegedly stopped the Afghan govt. employees from returning back to work.

People of Afghanistan complain about the drastic increase in the prices of general grocery items to fruits, vegetables, and gas cylinders. As the economy in Afghanistan keeps falling down, unemployment hits the situation to make it worse for the people to survive. Women’s rights are under a great threat under the Taliban rule, as they can be officially abolished anytime.

Taliban is reportedly imposing hard-line Islamist rule in some areas. People who worked under the afghan govt. are now unemployed as they are hiring new employees. Afghans who worked with US and NATO forces in the past are terrified of the Taliban the most.

September 2, 2021

Taliban forces in Afghanistan have been battling to capture the only province not under their control. Afghan army and fighters loyal to vice president Abdullah Saleh have assembled in ‘panchayat valley’ which is surrounded by mountains making it difficult to capture, despite this, a Taliban spokesperson has claimed that the area has been fallen though this hasn’t been independently confirmed. There’s been more fighting in the last pocket of anti-Taliban panchayat valley with both sides claiming advances, the national resistance front made up of militias and former afghan security force members, it’s the last group to hold out against the Taliban. The Taliban states that the whole country is under its control. 17 people were killed during the celebratory gunfire of the Taliban in Kabul. However, the resistance leaders contradict the statements stating all the claims are false regarding news of Panjshir conquests circulating on Pakistani media.

Can they be stopped?

People of Afghanistan are helpless looking for ways to get out of this atrocity, sadly the world has turned its back on it. Starting with Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw the forces which flamed the whole Taliban intrusion.

Taliban’s main strategy is to cover most of the rural areas, which is hard for the government to defend, then surround cities and increase both local fear and control. Taliban taking over provinces in ways that cut off major cities from each other, restrict revenue and goods into the capital, and increasingly surround and isolate Kabul. The Taliban now control most of Afghanistan’s border crossings, which denies revenue for the government and enables the Taliban to tax trade to fund their fighting.

Afghanistan’s very own government left the people hanging, to deal with the crossfire. Soon after the Taliban seized Kabul on Sunday, embattled President Ashraf Ghani along with National Security Adviser Hamdullah Muhib fled the country, setting the stage for the insurgents to regain power in Afghanistan 20 years after a US-led military invasion ousted them. Reports claimed that he left Tajikistan or Uzbekistan, however, the president’s office refused to comment on Ghani’s whereabouts for ‘security reasons.

To sum it all up, the people of the country are abandoned by their own governing system left to struggle in the horrible circumstances they are facing now.

So the real question is will they stop? Or can they be stopped?

Where did all the humanity go when all the powerful nations should join forces to overthrow one of the most dreaded terrorist organizations. Or is it that they are falling for the Taliban’s saintly facade preaching a non-threatening approach.

The irony is they claim they won’t abolish any women’s rights and don’t pose a threat to its citizens, while they mindlessly fire celebratory gunfire’s into the sky killing 17 people or kill modest women wearing tight attire. Why is this getting unnoticed?

There are 167 powerful democratic nations, as powerful as Russia, Germany, and the States. It all starts with a voice that calls for millions of voices to come together as humans to help their fellow humans, what the people of Afghanistan are facing right now is devastating. Staring at the TV screens, sympathizing with them won’t change anything. People need to come together for this one to pressurize the government of their respective countries to come together and eliminate the Taliban once and for all because let’s be real, that non-threatening approach lasts for very long, it’ll be in no time they start aiming for its neighbor countries which would ultimately result in uncontrollable chaos.

The only way left to save the people of Afghanistan and put an end to terrorism calls for all the powerful nations to seize the opportunity in abolishing the Taliban.

Changes start with people, and people need to change, we need to acknowledge we are and were needed to make, and witness the massive changes both in history and in the times to come. Till then, our prayers and support will always be with the people of Afghanistan, to give them the strength to fight for their own rights.

Hopefully, Afghanistan will be peaceful again.

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