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Well! From the last post, I’m clueless about what to write next. It’s not like that there is not any other astonishing things in cosmos but still I haven’t decided yet what will be the next cosmic thing, meanwhile there is a word inside my mind ‘Nothing’…

Well seems I’m getting mad but yeah it’s nothing. OK let’s begin what I’m really up to; is that if we look at cosmos it’s really nothing. Don’t you believe me? I’m not saying this on an emotional level or I’m not saying this metaphorically but it’s actually nothing. It’s going to get a little bemused now. To understand this we have to go in the very past where this all began.

Yes, the time of the big bang. (Note: big bang is one theory from many which explains how the universe made up. This is the most reliable theory of all time; according to this theory a huge explosion is responsible for creating the entire universe). First, there was nothing no planets, no sun, no stars, no humans, nothing was there which we see now. But slowly by some God push or force ‘The explosion’ started and slowly planets and stars came into the picture and then supernovas start creating new planets and stars; then humans saw their very first glimpse. And life begins.

But now when I see my surroundings and sky every night. I see the stars ✨ shining from heaven (beautiful up there). I wonder there is so much for us to know and we are searching for those things every day but more we are seeking this more we are getting confused.

Everything which is happening in our cosmos like Stars formation, childbirth all are astonishing phenomena of cosmos. We can easily explain the process or phenomenon but WHY is still an enigma.

Like ever you wonder why we are here in this cosmos and if we are here then why are we in Milky Way? And why are we in Orion arm and why our existence chooses the Earth. Still, we can’t answer these questions.

It’s for us but the same thing is for our universe why it has that star that system that planet and all of it. Even the entire universe is clueless. 
WHAT WE ONLY KNOW IS THAT OUR UNIVERSE STARTED FROM THE NOTHING. And this thing is sure (there has to be zero). So we can say UNIVERSE IS NOTHING.

Let’s take a genuine example.

When we do something (some work) what do we before starting it? We start it from nothing right? Same thing is with our universe.

‘You are Nothing ‘ many times we hear this line from the people who surpass us and usually people with arrogance. But let me tell you something. This universe starts from nothing and if someone is saying you ‘Nothing’ you better feel proud because this is the very first start of something big; something cosmic. Because ultimately the universe starts from Nothing. Universe is Nothing. Nothing is universe. And you are Nothing. Got it?

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Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan


  1. Well wishers

    So technically when my father scold me for achieving nothing, I should be proud of it bcoz it’s at the starting of achieving something,Right!
    Just joking ,no doubt u are brilliant in bringing up the motivation from cosmos.
    I suggest this article also deserve a place with other motivation in myvisiontowardscosmos

    • Aanchal Sharma

      Oh! Surely I’m gonna add this piece to my blog now. Thankyou again♥️ and yeah it’s nothing which motivates us to spark our engines to do something extraterrestrial/extraordinary. Perspectives nothing else 😉


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