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Out of every joint I rolled,
Every emotion I hold,
I have lived with a regret
That my loyalty was sold.

Every drag I flicked,
Every moment that I missed,
I have lived with a pain
For once my life was blissed.

Every drug that I snorted,
Every lie that I spotted,
I have lived with a regret
That my life was distorted!

But now things might change,
All the struggles that I arrange,
I hope this time I’d be able to paint
Into a life where,
A heart will never be exchanged.

Waiting for her text,
Never knew what would be next.
Her late reply,
Her harsh goodbye
Sometimes I used to whisper.
That how badly I miss her!

Going on to the past.
Our lives were quite fast.
Our friendship was not that bad,
She was beautiful and I was the only mad.

Out of every emotion that I’d fold,
I am just becoming wise and bold,
But I will still live with a regret
That my loyalty was sold.

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