People nowadays are stressed and pressed by their own thoughts and expectations. Expectations are legit when they are limited just to yourself, if you worked hard for something, wonders will happen but you got to be patient and trust and process. But expecting something from someone and fooling your heart that someone’s work would earn you profit is just illogical. The reality of life is accepting and improvising yourself and then overcoming your weakness and stress. But the actual scene today is that we complain we explain and sustain our mental pain. We abstain ourselves from the reality and then play the blame game.

We put strain on proving rather than improving. Attaining happiness and remaining satisfied with what we have is the thing only few have mastered. Being satisfied doesn’t mean you have to settle down with whatever you have already inherited, but being satisfied means that you are happy with the things you are blessed with and you are willing to work hard and hustle for everything you want. It’s rightly said by someone that good things come to those who are willing to sacrifice, work and then patiently wait for their reward. These people don’t complain about things they do not have or the things they can’t achieve but these extraordinary hustlers work for everything they want and then attain the level of satisfaction and happiness which ordinary people can’t even think of.

I’m nobody to tell anyone about anything, everyone knows what he is supposed to do to stay happy. But the real problem is that people are complaining and comparing themselves with those who are neither relatable nor alike. Even your fingerprints do not match with anybody so how could you compare the blueprint of someone’s life with yours. Everybody has his own approach to everything, has his own choices, his own way of living his life. Why the hell are you ruining your life just by comparing your choices with them?

Accepting what you are blessed with and struggling for success is something rare, and which truly is the secret to happiness.

Keep grinding for your goal, keep gratitude in your soul, because life’s about improving not proving.

Stay humble Stay happy.

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